About Us

Little boutique of unique, curated, eclectic mix of artisanal goods, home décor & accessories, gifts for the home & spirit, DIY, workshops and design services.

Our goal is to create an aesthetically beautiful & unique shopping experience that blends our love of farmhouse, vintage, rustic pieces & materials into a modern product line.

Our preferred materials are wood, clay, metal, natural textiles, botanicals, sustainable products that allow for a distinct & carefully curated mix of home accents, bath & body products, art, handmade, gifts, DIY.

We strive to have over 25% of our store's inventory be handmade. Whether it's in our own studio or we showcase the talents of artisans within our shop to expand the kinds of offerings our customers come to love. We have established strong collaborative design relationships with other businesses who also share our passion for quality goods.